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The Council of Igbo Communities UK, is an umbrella organisation for Igbo Communities in th United Kingdom with its Headquarters in London, formulating a united agenda for the good of Igbo people. It assumes the forum “investment” and platform for enthusiastic support to all member organisation regardless of their local government or state of origin. It provides a strong voice for Igbos and represents Igbo organisations, when necessary, to promote the good image of Nigeria and to promote Igbo values, culture and tradition. It is non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion.


The Council of Igbo Communities was formed in 1991 following two gatherings at the London Park Hotel London SE1; the first held on 13th September, was a meeting of leaders of various igbo Communities and Organisations in the United kingdom, and the second, held on 27th September, was a meeting of all Igbos attended Igbo leaders, a cross-section of members of all Igbo Communities and Associations. Both meetings were convened by Dr F.I.Onyenemelu at the request of His Royal Highness Igwe Osita Agwuna111, Eze Enugu-Ukwu and Igwe Umu Nri.

These meetings were motivated by the concern that there was no umbrella Igbo organisation in the UK structured to bring together the multiplicity of Igbo community organisations which were forming. This resulted in duplication of activities, costly waste of resources, and lack of focus for Igbo people living in the UK. Facilities to educate people, particularly our children, on Igbo language and culture were lacking. The Igbo values, rich culture and tradition were seen as being in danger of extinction. This state of affairs was not considered satisfactory by all present, both the Igbos living in Nigeria and those resident in the United Kingdom. They were aware that the British Society values culture and tradition, that the size of a community organisation could influence its effectiveness in terms of representing the population, surviving as an organisation and contributing to the environment in which the population resides.

A decision was taken to form an organisation which would synthesise all Igbo points of view in unity with all Igbo organisations and individuals, set an agenda on all vital issues, express ideas through one clear voice, represent Igbo organisations effectively at all levels of human endeavour, propagate Igbo culture and tradition among other ethnic groups, and promote the good image of Nigeria. Its foci of action should be through social, cultural, educational and welfare activities, business initiatives, development projects, and functionaries. The integrity of member organisation is to be respected.

Thus the Council of Igbo Communities came into being as as the Igbo Communities and Associations umbrella organisation in the UK. It was decided that attendance at the Council’s meeting would be by delegates who represent organisations, and individuals on whom the Council has conferred of the “Honoured Member” or “ Permanent Member” in recognition of their unique experience, exemplary character, vision, and wisdom.


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Kola Nut in Igboland



Kolanut is one unique symbol that has stood valuable in the midst of the whole tribes of Nigeria. It is largely cultivated in the west, consumed in the north and valued high in the East. The kolanut is widely accepted as an honour in the welcoming of strangers and the saying goes that kolanut only understands local languages. That is, while breaking kolanuts for consumption, local languages are commonly used in the prayers of blessing that are associated with the presentation of kolanut.


In Igbo, kolanut is called "Oji"


The services involving kolanut is a cultural heritage of the Igbo which civilization cannot erase in Igbo land. It shows the happiness and love for another. This puts kola nut forward as the first thing, to be presented during occasions, settlement of disputes, etc. Kolanut shows good gesture over people and this makes the Igbo to say that "A child's face is appreciated first before one accepts the yam he has in his hands". "He who brings kola brings life" (Onye wetara oji wetara ndu), is a popular saying in Igbo land. Presentation and breaking of kolanut is something which cannot be dispensed with in Igboland. It marks a cordial welcome.









Igbo Cultural Attire





Farm Produce in Alaigbo

Ourcore objectives



The activities of the organisation are for the benefits of all Igbos in the United Kingdom


The core objectives are to:


  • promote cultural relationships and the understanding of different cultures between Igbo people and peoples of the United Kingdom and other countries;


  • promote a wider knowledge of the United Kingdom;



  • to advance education among Igbos who reside in the United Kingdom


  • to provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the Igbos who reside in the United Kingdom










Cassava Tuber Ohafia War Dance Atilogu Dance Igbo Women Dance




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Member States


  • Abia State
  • Anambara State
  • Delta State
  • Ebonyi State
  • Enugu State
  • Imo State









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